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  • pdf GPC DWD System
    Všeobecné obchodné podmienky nákupu a dodávky (PL)
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  • pdf Certifikát IBDiM
    DWD System - Produkty z GRP (PL)
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    Odvodňovacie systémy mostov a halových objektov (EN)
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DWD is capable of manufacturing and supplying any types of fittings according to technical and trading parameters which are previously agreed with the customer. Our products and rubber blends can be applied in many different ways and fulfill specified physicochemical requirements. Our main products are: joints and rubber gaskets used in waste pipes, compensators and Flexi-Cap connectors, which eliminate the necessity of making a hole in the bridge’s boarding system. In addition, we produce mouldings and moulding elements, technical goods, and various rubber products to order. lacznikigrpbeton_rys1Fittings to all pipe types

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